Midge Walkers

Walk No.  137

Leyland-Ulnes Walton 22-09-19

During a week, which had been almost tropical, Sunday the 22nd threatened rain and certainly had started with heavy downpours in the morning. However, by the time the 10 adults, Alice Jack, and Molly the dog, congregated at the gates of Worden Park, it was at least fine.

Setting off at 13.50p.m. through the overspill car park, where a classic car display was taking place, we soon emerged onto Holt Brow and after a short distance passed a distinctive property named Swiss Lodge, which had formerly been one of the gate house to Worden Hall. Continuing into Runshaw Hall Lane, we branched right, crossing a stile to enter a series of fields, passing Altcar Farm and further stiles led us into Altcar Lane. It was around this point that hints of rain were again showing themselves and those who weren’t wearing waterproofs, quickly put them on.

Turning left at Pearson House along a drive, brought us to the gates of a converted barn called Meadow View, which by means of a stile, allowed access to a path skirting the perimeter and subsequently followed a muddy route across a series of fields and a somewhat slippery, dilapidated foot bridge. The next field ended with a stile leading us into Flag Lane where we turned right and in due course arrived at Leyland Lane, branching right towards the junction with Holker Lane. Here we stopped for our coffee break and a chocolate infusion from Alice’s bag of goodies.

Resuming the route along Holker Lane until attaining Nook Farm on the right, we crossed a footbridge skirting some enormous greenhouses, which on inspection contained what must have been thousands of potted plants. Passing through a gate, into led us into a field, at the end of which a further footbridge brought us onto a narrow track giving us access to Hollins Lane, where we turned left. A gate led us across a couple of fields bringing us to the perimeter fence of Leyland Water Treatment Plant. Continuing around this, brought us into Emnie Lane, at the end of which we found ourselves at the roundabout at Schleswig Way, Leyland Lane junction. Turning left for a short distance, a footpath sign to the right, which despite a notice telling us it was closed, led us down the side of new houses and into fields. Crossing these we entered Shaw Brook Rd, and to the rear of Wade Hall Estate until entering Worden Park. Continuing past the buildings on our right, predominantly concealed behind a large brick wall and along-side the miniature railway, we soon regained the car park and analysed the results of our exertions. To every one’s surprise the promised “tad over 4.5 miles” proved to be an honest assertion, and despite the short shower we had experienced, certainly hadn’t dampened our enthusiasm.

Once again our thanks are recorded to the organiser for the continued diligence in putting these walks together for the participant’s enjoyment, and whilst this walk had been completed once before on 16th November 2014, it certainly hadn’t lost any of its charm.

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