Midge Walkers

Walk No. 136

Charnock Richard Walk 11-08-19

After some pre-walk training on strawberry cream cake, which some argued was part of their five a day intake, 13 adults, young Thomas and Pal the dog assembled at Church Lane, Charnock Richard and set off at 13.50 p.m. crossing the A49 into Brook Lane. The weather threatened some rain and as such most wore some protective clothing. At the end of the lane, a large set of gates led to Crook Fold Farm, and a small gate allowed for public access into a field to skirt a paddock and follow a narrow fenced path to enter a field and follow its perimeter to enter a wooded area by means of a stile which soon led to a footbridge over a water course.

Continuing along the muddy route, we could hear the drone of traffic and we exited into a field by means of a ladder stile, following the hedge line for a short distance, to climb a footbridge over the M6 leading us into another wooded area and onto a drive where we turned left towards Park Hall and the now defunct amusement centre of Camelot which opened in 1983 and following declining numbers eventually closed in 2012.

Crossing Park Hall Rd and entering a field via a stile we continued around its perimeter until entering a very heavily overgrown area which necessitated Reg taking the lead to beat down Himalayan Balsam, Brambles, and any other impeding vegetation, we eventually emerged on a path bringing us on to Stocks Lane where we turned right leading us back to Park Hall Rd.

Turning uphill for a short distance, we then took a right down a bridleway over Syd Brook,through a tree lined route to emerge onto Red Lane and subsequently branch right into Back Lane at the end of which a path led us to stile and bridge where we re-crossed the motorway and stopped for our coffee break.

Resuming the route in a northerly direction we crossed into a field and followed the hedge line to Tunsteads Cottage and Old Hall Lane. Due to what appeared to be advancing adverse weather conditions and time having overtaken us, a management decision was taken to follow the lane back to the A 49 and make our way back to our starting point.

This route had been pre-walked on 1st May, at which time the ground was surprisingly dry and there was a lack of the growth that impeded our progress today. Notwithstanding whilst the planned route had not been totally completed, we had more or less escaped any adverse weather and enjoyed the benefits of the outdoors and the companionship of like minded individuals on our 4.5 mile trek.

Ray Lamb

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