Midge Walkers

Walk No. 135

Euxton 21-07-19

With the temperature at 22 degrees and being slightly overcast, gave ideal conditions for today’s walk. The last time we met at Pincock Brow in Euxton was December 2016. This time, however the 15 adults and 2 youngsters, which included a new member, being the 5year-old grandson of Kevin and Rosemary and was an ideal companion for Jack, set off at 1.45 in the opposite direction than last time, towards the A49, where we turned right for a short distance and then left into German Lane. Continuing past Old House Farm and under the main West Coast rail line and round to the right, brought us to Parkinson’s Farm with a date plaque of 1702, although it had obviously had considerable refurbishment along the way. After a short distance the lane branched left towards Valley Farm, but prior to reaching the farm, a rough stony track took us to the right through a tree lined route to a foot bridge crossing the River Yarrow. Following the path on to Common Bank Lane we turned left passing farm buildings on the right and turning into a lane to the left which appeared to be blocked by metal gates.

At the side of the gates a Public Footpath sign pointed us to the right through some trees and across a brook to climb a series of steps to follow a path around the perimeter of a field, to a stile and onwards via another couple of stiles and fields to gain a lane passing Cruck Frame Barn, originally built in 1700 and rebuilt in 1990. The sound of “Howzat” from the left as we passed Euxton Cricket Ground, resulted in us taking a break in a shelter for our coffee break and as ever Jack produced his toffee bag.

Emerging onto Southport Road we turned left and crossed to enter Washington Lane and subsequently left into Pear Tree Lane following it downhill until arriving at the 2nd right hand bend, we branched through a gate to the left. To our right extensive building work was taking place at Pear Tree Farm which had changed considerably since our last outing. Continuing with the hedgerow to our right brought us to a gate into the next field and in due course an opening in the trees, leading us across a foot bridge and onto a newly developed housing area “The Cherries” at the end of which a set of steps led us over the railway, to pass into the well-groomed grounds of Euxton Parish Church.

This building is believed to date from the 14th century having been rebuilt in 1513 by the Molyneux family of Euxton Hall and remained a Roman Catholic Chapel until the late 17th early 18th century when having fallen into disrepair it was adopted by the Church of England.

Regaining the A49 Wigan Rd, we turned right towards the traffic lights and crossed into Bank Lane, passing St Marys Roman Catholic Church, to enter Ransnap Wood and follow the route of Chapel Brook to our left. Leaving the wood by a stile, we entered a field and took a course over the crown of a hill, towards a footbridge crossing the M6 motorway accessed by a ladder stile.  A further field and stile led us to a footbridge over a brook and up a bank to another stile and field and following the hedgerow into a wheat field exited onto Dawbers Lane which after crossing, lead us into Mill Lane. A little way down the lane the historic Armetriding Farm, dating back to 1570, is probably the oldest farm in the area with its reputation of being haunted by a “lady with a lamp,” and further on “The Bobbin Mill”, now a residential house on the banks of the Yarrow, relates to its former life as a weaving establishment.

Further along the lane, we passed under the motorway with the river to our right and passed through a wooded area and a number of secluded properties to emerge into Pincock St and back to our starting point.

This had been a most enjoyable scenic walk and well attended. Thomas said that he had previously walked a distance of 4 miles and was delighted to find that this time he had notched up just over 5. A major achievement for a 5year-old. Hopefully he will be inspired to come again, as indeed we trust that all our many friends will on future outings, and share with us the benefits and joys of the outdoors.

Our Next Outing is Sunday 11th August.                    Ray Lamb

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