Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 94

Kirkham/ Wesham Walk 28/08/16

On a day, warm enough for everyone not to need any protective clothing, 11 adults, 2 juniors and 2 dogs, met adjacent to Kirkham Library on Station Rd and set off just before 2.p.m. Initially our route took us along the main road and over the bridge at Kirkham and Wesham Rail Station, where Philip who had previously lived in the area, pointed out items of particular interest.

Turning right into Derby Rd took us past the hospital and across a playing field, emerging into a new housing estate and onwards onto Mowbreck Lane. From here we passed through a hedge and crossed a field of barley stubble which brought us to our first stile, linking us to a further couple of fields each with stiles, until we emerged on to a lane which brought us onto the main Fleetwood Rd at Greenhalgh.

Passing two thatched cottages on the right we crossed the M55 and and took a path down the side of the slip road, which was considerably overgrown with brambles, nettles and all other manner of obstacles. Our leader produced a pair of hand shears and valiantly attempted to clear a pathway for the rest of us. A stile which took us over a hawthorn hedge, claimed a couple of direct hits necessitating plasters to stem bleeding and guess what there was no accident book!!

The route, running parallel to the motorway took us alongside a field of corn (Cob), and crossing another 2 stiles brought us into an open field, and a footbridge crossing the motorway. Here we stopped for our refreshments, and reviewed our wounds.

Continuing our course brought us to no less than a further three stiles of varying constructions, including a ladder type version with concrete stays, which lead us down the side of a potato field. A further two stiles linking fields, eventually returned us to Mowbreck Lane adjacent to a Caravan Park.

Following the path, we crossed a foot-bridge into a field, over another stile, which brought us to a railway arch, through which we passed and emerged at St Michaels Church where we took a route through the local park to return to our starting point at approx. 5.00p.m. with the temperature still at 23 degrees.

This had been a walk, predominantly flat, but not without its obstacles, and for the discerning among you consisted of no less than 12 stiles. Was this a record? Whether it was or not, matters not, it was most enjoyable and probably gave us an appetite to enjoy our evening meal, thus destroying all the benefits that our leaders careful planning had produced.


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