Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 82

Brindle walk 20-09-15

Following a couple of recent walks which clearly had problems, usually with the weather, prompted the thought was this then one which was to be free from winging.

Ten of our number assembled in the Brindle Community Centre car park as the bells rang in the adjacent church to complement a wedding. After leaving the road and entering a field of cows, our route took us towards a stream which we crossed and after 1,288 steps (as recorded on Steve’s pedometer) encountered a boggy area which we gingerly picked our way through. A stile took us through another field and a 2nd stile and field, brought us to a 3rd stile and onwards to a road where we turned left taking a route through Lady Hall Farm yard.

The sight of a BMC tractor model 4/25 created considerable interest due to its age and probable rarity.

Exiting the yard through a gate, took us across a further field and crossing what was termed as an offset stile, we descended through woodland and soon arrived at the Leeds Liverpool canal tow path and bridge 88, which we crossed and took a route through the old paper mill yard and a circular tour of Withnell Fold village, at one time the home of Kathleen Ferrier.

Returning to the canal bridge we took a well-earned break and tucked into whatever refreshments we had brought for the purpose of rejuvenation.

Resuming our route along the canal side until attaining bridge 85, where we turned right and again over an offset stile with a total of 7 steps, we descended along a bridle path and the took an upward route crossing a series of fields all linked by stiles until emerging on to a lane. The sight of Harry’s Well, which we had encountered on a previous walk, brought us to “Top of the Lane”, where we turned left and crossed another couple of stiles and fields to emerge onto another bridle path, ultimately crossing a field and final stile to pick up the road and return past Brindle St Marys Primary school to our original starting point.

Having been assured of a great 4.5mile easy walk with 6 stiles and good under foot, you dear reader, can imagine that the critical analysis of our exertions, which always takes place, resulted in the conclusion that whilst the distance and number of stiles was probably underestimated, the weather, views and companionship had been well worth the effort and our thanks once again go to the organiser.


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