Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 80

Abbey Village / Roddlesworth Reservoir 05-07-15

This was the walk that shouldn’t have happened!!

Those who read the last report would have realised that our leader was not regarded in the best of views after what was seen as a particularly arduous outing. His wife consequently suggested that others should ensure that the next walk was more appropriately organised. Notwithstanding this, we were duly summoned to participate in what was promised to be a “great easy walk”- only 4 miles, good under foot and only 5/6 stiles with stunning views.

!2 adults, 2 children and Molly the dog (who can’t read anyway), bought the description and assembled adjacent to the Hare and Hounds in Abbey Village on what was a pleasant sunny afternoon. Taking a route from the main road, down through a tree lined path which brought us to a gate through which we passed and soon encountered problems of a steep downhill incline, suitably enhanced with boggy ground. A footbridge crossing a stream brought us to the inevitable upward slope on the opposite bank, at the top of which gave us a magnificent view of our first reservoir.

Crossing the first stile and through a field brought us to 2 more stiles and ultimately to a solitary stone house with a date plaque of 1674. A path and stile led us to a gate and through a field at the top of which a further stile again routed us to a footpath taking us to Tocholes and a terrace of former weaver’s cottages now suitably refurbished.

Taking a course past a stone structure labelled as “Tockholes Pinfold” which had formerly been used for the housing of stray cattle, we climbed along a lane emerging onto a main road and after following the route for a short distance, turned into a wooded area where we intended taking our coffee break.

By now visibility had reduced considerably and the forecasted rain was making its presence felt. Those who had brought waterproofs obviously used them, those who hadn’t got wet, and the tree lined route afforded little protection from the now heavy downpour. The route took us along the banks of two further reservoirs at the end of which, what were described as pencils, suitably protected an overflow outlet from the ingress of debris which may ultimately have blocked the watercourse.

Emerging onto an open pathway which afforded no protection from the continuing driving rain gave us access to our return route and soon the sight of our starting point emerged.

Without exception, everyone hastened to their vehicles and sped off in the general direction of home, probably taking in the pleasure of a hot shower as a means of revival.


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