Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 64

Rufford 6-04-14

Those who have joined these walks before will more than likely agree that when a particular route is suggested orb promoted, it’s often difficult to know who should ultimately be awarded the accolade. Is it the person who has come up with the idea in the first place, or is it the walk leader, who after all has invariably conducted his own reconnaissance of the route prior to unleashing it on the rest of us?

I suppose we should have smelt a rat, when the alleged promoter, failed to turn up. It had been stated that the route would be across totally flat terrain and with regard to distance, a copper bottom guarantee of 4.5 miles.

So, it was that 10 adults and 1 child met at the Hesketh Arms, Rufford at 2.00p.m. The forecast was not good and as such we were all suitably dressed for inclement conditions.

The route took us a short distance down Holmeswood Rd and then left into Brick Kiln Lane. We continued until arriving at a brook on the right, we followed its route along a well-maintained path until it opened out to reveal a landscape of neatly ploughed fields of rich black soil, some of which had already been sown with a variety of crops such as barley, lettuce and probably plenty of other varieties which we were not knowledgeable enough to identify.

Our route took us through Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve, where we viewed a series of well executed wood carvings including a large bull frog.

Emerging back into the flat terrain and there being a fair breeze blowing with intermittent short spells of rain, there was little protection but we continued skirting around the edges of several fields until we eventually emerged back onto the main A59 at Tarleton.

Despite pleas to stop for coffee, our leader promised us a more suitable venue a little further ahead, and as we joined the canal towpath sure enough a number of picnic benches formed an ideal place for a break and rejuvenation.

From this position, we continued along the canal path, passing a number of moored barges and behind Rufford Old Hall to emerge at the Marina where we regained the road and made our way back to our starting point.

By this time the sun was shining and all in all we had enjoyed the 2.5 hour, fairly leisurely walk without stiles or other obstacles, enhanced by views of colourful spring flowers, but what about the copper bottom guarantee, I ask.

I leave it to your imagination; suffice it to say “confession is good for the soul”


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