Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 62

Preston Docks 02-02-14

A sizeable group set off from the coffee shop at The Docklands Preston, on a sunny but nippy Sunday. There was a large age range with the youngest being Jack, asleep most of the way in his buggy, with his sister Alice, never being far away, and the oldest being ----well, we’ll leave that to those who were there to work out!

We left the Docklands and walked some way along the busy main road, Riversway, towards Lytham and Blackpool and then over the bridge, making our way back towards Preston. The view from the bridge was frightening, with the River Ribble having burst its banks and spread into Lea Marsh. One possible pathway was now impassable. However, our intrepid leader, Rodney, took us along paths that were, in general, not muddy and reasonably flat. We walked beside Preston North End’s training ground, Savick Brook, which became the Millennium Ribble Link, leading into the Lancaster Canal. We had a welcome break at the Millennium Locks which amazingly then brought us out near Ashton Park and then downhill to the car park.

There were no strains or injuries to the party, except a fall by Alice which resulted in a few tears and an injured knee, but otherwise a lovely afternoon walk, once again, with good company and a blessing with the weather.

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