Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 52

Inglewhite 2/06/13

We arrived at The Green Man pub, Inglewhite, on a beautiful sunny day, 12 adults, 2 children and Molly the dog.

According to our Leader, “this is a flat easy 4 mile walk”.

As we left from the front of The Green Man, along a country road, we approached fields. This was fine until we arrived at a gate and looking into the field we were faced by cows looking at us in amazement. Despite this on we went over fields and stiles.

Along the way we had a well-deserved stop for coffee. Molly must have been bored at this and decided to roll in a smelly sloppy cow pat. She was later dunked in a water butt for a bath, not too sure about this she jumped out like a skinned rabbit, but clean and ready to go again.

Up the field we went (remember – this was a flat walk) to the top of a hill, the sight when we stood there was amazing – Blackpool Tower could be seen in the distance. After a discussion at one stage as to whether we had taken a wrong track, Rodney sorted it out and we were soon on our way.

We arrived back at The Green Man two and a half hours later for a photo shoot underneath the green man monument.

Thank you, Rodney,

for an enjoyable and picturesque afternoon.


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