Wrea Green Walk 15-08-2010

Twelve intrepid walkers, plus one dog, set out on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon to do a circular walk from Wrea Green. Armed with walking poles and 2 brave souls in new boots (how are your feet Tony and Leigh), the group set off at 14.00 hours at a cracking pace and high spirits. Disappointingly there was no cricket being played on the Green, but the scene was idyllic nevertheless.

The walkers soon left the roads and entered into lush green countryside. The more observant of the group, (Jack) noticed a local farmer had sneaked in a 6 bar-gate as opposed to the usual 5 bar version!!! This was lost on the majority of the group who were by then gazing dreamily at the Blue Damsel Flies. A frog, which saw the group coming tried to hide, but was spotted by intrepid frog hunter Bryn. (It was safe from kisses from the ladies as they were not going to try to bend to the ground to kiss it. Too many bad backs!!) The wild life continued with many flying ants which were found crawling underfoot on the farm footpaths, but had not yet taken to the air, luckily for us.

We became very familiar with the local farm hands as they drove past on a very narrow, quiet, country lane at very frequent intervals in huge tractors loaded with hay. It was as we side stepped one of these vehicles that we stumbled into the imposing entrance to an impressive property. In an effort to find out what the house was, 2,yes 2, pairs of binoculars were brought out and we all waited with baited breath for the announcement from the notice by the front door. Disappointingly it read: - “No Access, Reverse with Care, Fire Exit Only!!”

We are still none the wiser as to the name or ownership of the property, but it was in very close proximity to Ribby Hall.

Molly, the dog, did very well managing all the stiles this time, with somewhat better technique than some of the 2 legged walkers. Tony managed to lose the bottle of water out of his rucksack, possibly as he vaulted one of the stiles – or was there a thief about who had forgotten their water and was in need of hydration?

Talking of rehydration – after a very pleasant couple of hours walking and socializing, the group finally came to a rest next to the impressive Parish Church to do an inspection of “The Boots.” There was a competitive element to this as “The Dirtiest”, “The Oldest and “The Most Scuffed,” were all argued over. Jack won “The Most Scuffed” category, and the jury is still out on the others.

There were some tales told as the group rested, including Judy and her wild oats(?) and Rodney being a Yob on the Green in his youth. (For more details of these, please speak to the individuals concerned.)

The “Fool Award” was given to Leigh who did not understand a comment by Jack earlier in the walk and had to have it explained to her. See how you do!! Leigh had said she had bought some duck feed from the local corn mill. Jack said I bet you could have got it on the WEB site!!!!!!!

Get it!!!!!!!!!!!     Leigh didn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!       

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