Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 113

Higher Walton Walk

You often hear Football Team Managers bemoaning the loss of players due to injury but still end up playing the game, with a depleted squad that ends with a satisfactory result. Before we gathered for this walk I knew some of our squad had injuries and additionally the weather was decidedly unfavourable. Like a Footy Manager it was with trepidation that I went to our meeting point, then to my delight a satisfactory result! 7 of us (including a new signing Barry). We went on our way sort of “Carry On Regardless”.

Setting off from the King George V Playfield, the pouring rain did deter hanging around at too many points of interest, however we managed to take in Kathleen Ferrier’s Memorial, then following the River Darwen, a surprise memorial (a tree planted in memory of Jeffery Jackson? years ago which is now huge), Mosney Mill, F R Gatty's (famous for producing Khaki Cloth) , Carver Fold, Coachmans Cottage, Red Rock Waterfall, watched a heron searching for lunch and Darwen Side Farm to Roach Bridge Weir (which was in full flow and looked fantastic). Up the hill to New Hall Tavern, along Cuerdale Lane to Potter Lane. We stopped here for a quick hot drink and watched big rain drops plop into our cups. On to the Gas Distribution Station, Sallom House, Bannister Hall ruins and return to the car park.

All of us got wet through and cold, but refreshed and glad we had a turned out. Whilst we missed our injured squad mates we definitely pulled off a satisfactory result.

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