Midge Walkers

Walk  No. 110

150th Celebration Walk 5th November 2017

Following some debate as to what it was that was being celebrated, was it that of the Chapple, or was it in fact Roy Turners birthday. Perhaps the 150th bit gave it away.

Following a picnic style lunch which was enjoyed by some of the number, 30 adults and 2 children, set off on a sunny afternoon at 1.40 p.m. by initially clambering over the boundary wall to join a pathway down on to the Leyland Motors test track site at the rear of the church, where an explanation of its former use and features was given.

Continuing around the perimeter for some distance, we exited through a missing fence panel to enter a wooded area which brought us in to Paradise Park, to the rear of Robin Hey. Following the path, in due course, led us to Paradise Lane, which after crossing, continued through more woods to emerge to the rear of the industrial estate off Comet Rd.

After crossing Schleswig Way and taking a slight detour to view the newly erected feature of a Berry’s horse and cart situated at the Longmeanygate roundabout junction, we continued through the adjacent gate, to cross a grassed area, which after the previous few day’s rain had become somewhat boggy. The route soon attained a made-up path following the course of the River Lostock, which we followed to a point crossing Dunkirk Lane and continued along the river bank to its junction with Slater Lane. Here we again re-crossed Schleswig Way and as a result, attained the opposite side of the river, which we followed through a tree lined route until passing over a footbridge into a field.

Skirting a couple of fields and still following the river, we arrived at another bridge, which after negotiated and following the path, we arrived at an open area, which we were told, Leyland Warriors Rugby Club used. Continuing through Malt Kiln Wood, around the edge of the rugby field we emerged into Moss Side Way.A footpath to the left, took us behind a housing estate, to ultimately arrive at Ulnes Walton Lane, which after crossing, we continued through Nixon Lane Wood and exited onto Nixon Lane where we turned right.Following the lane to a pathway on the left, we made our way through the housing estate via Avocet Court and Pintail Close to reach Dunkirk Lane where we turned right and then left, back into Longmeanygate. The route from here was straight forward, to arrive back at our starting point some 2 ¾ hours after leaving.

This had been a flat walk, at a leisurely pace and enjoyed by a number of new participants and even showed some of the natives, areas which they had not previously been aware of. The added interest of Peter Wards explanations of local points of interest obviously enhanced our knowledge. Our appreciation is recorded to him.  John Waites, who had come up with the route in response to the request to create a walk centred on the Chapple is also to be thanked.

The enthusiasm to know the distance walked, on this occasion could not be satisfied as, the last walk undertaken resulted in the previously reliable pedometer ending up in the washing machine, which doesn’t appear to have done it a lot of good. A new one is in the process of being acquired.


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