Midge Walkers

Walk No. 73

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Fifteen people (including four children) and 3 dogs met at the Bretherton War Memorial for our Pre-Christmas walk. But first, a little something about the background. We received an e mail with details of the walk which promised six styles, no mud and a flat walk of 4 miles. As usual, we were sceptical about this. but hopeful. It really did not matter whether it turned out to be right or not. So we met on a wintery Sunday afternoon and set off along some quiet country roads which led to Bank Hall which was a large manor house in a very dilapidated state, but was being renovated thanks to volunteers and Lotto funding and we could see that it was going to be a very spectacular, impressive house when it was finished.

After crossing a style into a field, we were escorted along the path by three friendly horses and then over another style onto the main Southport Road. This was just to cross the river before dropping down to follow the River Croston until we came to Red Bridge (which was painted green). We crossed the bridge and continued to follow the river until it came to the River Yarrow and then to the River Lostock. This part of the walk was along open fields and the wind proved to be very biting. A coffee stop was made but as well as three dogs, we had someone in the dog house as Rodney had left the bag, with Margaret’s flask in, at home. In true Christian spirit, someone shared their coffee, so a major incident was averted.

A short time later, we arrived back in Bretherton with Rodney giving us some details and facts about a very interesting place. Yet again, we have had a lovely walk and our thanks go to Gladys Smith who suggested the walk. So - back to the e mail. There was mud, but in Rodney’s favour, there were the promised 6 styles, it was flat and it was four miles and we did get back to the parked cars in daylight. Well done Rodney, we can excuse you for the mud. Thank you once again Rodney for your excellent leadership and we look forward to the next walk on New Years Day