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Walk  No. 95

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Walk Around Penwortham.

A surprisingly good turnout (as many of our group were on holiday) of 9 Folks and Molly the dog set off from Penwortham Booths car park on a walk we had done parts of over 5yrs ago.

It is amazing how places change without you recognising them until passing by on foot, Sunday was such an occasion. The new Preston circular route and Penwortham by pass was immediately obvious and we had a group photo, which we will use 5yrs hence, to compare todays green field with the new roadway that will link with the M55.

Later we could have missed the ancient Howick Cross Memorial as time has seen growth of bushes and trees which are concealing the Cross. After passing Howick Hall and the impressive new Storm Drain Pumping Station we walked alongside the River Ribble, noticing that the river had reclaimed some of the pathway since last walking there. Our coffee stop was overlooking the Ribble at the site of the almost demolished former Power Station, again time has transformed the area.

Our next landmarks were St Mary’s Parish Church a magnificent 15th century building and Church Ave, again change has occurred, land movement has caused many grave headstones to fall over, the boundary fence is disappearing and mother nature is spreading like crazy, it is an impressive church and well worth our short detour. A short stop at the impressively maintained War Memorial was our next stop before making our way to Valley Road, then past Penwortham Cemetery and a short stop at what remains of Penwortham Railway Station which was a victim of the demise of steam and that ‘butcher’ Dr Beeching! The tree growth since the closure is phenomenal. Finally back at Booths it was noted that whilst no stiles was a welcome change, there was no change in that the predicted distance of 4.5 miles was actually 5.5 miles, some things never change